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We pride ourselves in being able to customize the service we extend, relative to each customer’s needs. We consult each customer, assess and understand its recycling needs to ensure optimal support and customer satisfaction. Our network of affiliates: Waste and recycling processors, logistic companies and major shipping lines - carefully chosen for their proven reliability in the industry, enable us to proactively manage our business process.

Pralumex offers competitive quotes and prompt financial settlements to its sources. It extends flexible terms of payments to its buyers.

A closer glimpse of what we do:

We purchase the following grades of plastic materials:

​Type       Resin Code    Description

PET                        (1)        Polyethylene Terephthalate, clear and green bottles baled and reground     
HDPE                   (2)        High Density Polyethylene, post-consumer film or grocery bag
PVC/ Vinyl         (3)        Polyvinyl Chloride, blister packs, clamshell, shrink wrap, pipe, siding, fencing, decking, railing
LDPE                    (4)        Low Density Polyethylene film, with or without print
PP                           (5)        Polypropylene,  food containers, medicine bottles, bottle caps
PS                           (6)        Polystyrene, cd casing, video cassette cartridge, coat hanger

MDPE                                 Medium-density Polyethylene film, with or without print
ABS                                      Acrylonitrite-butadidene-strylene
PA                                         Nylon 

Plastic materials may be purchased in the following forms:

Surplus, Repro, Regrind, Rolls, Film, Scrap (Lumped, chunked/purged/ hard), Off-grade Resins.

Services Rendered:

Equipment Drop-off and Shipment Pick-up

Depending on the volume of materials, we dispatch the appropriate equipment and packing materials at our suppliers’ site: (Compactor, Baling machine, Trailers, Roll-off bins). Our professional haulers are dispatched to the site when the supplier calls-in to confirm that a specified volume of materials is ready for pick-up. Shipments are routed to the handlers and /or reclaimers.

Converting / Adding Value to Plastic Materials

To ensure that we meet the specifications of our vendors and end-users, our affiliate Materials Recovery Facilities further sort, densify and process the plastic materials in full or partial container loads. Processed materials are stored until a sufficient quantity is on hand for export.

Coordinate Sales with Overseas Affiliates / End- Buyers
Buyers are contacted to confirm quantity and delivery of shipments. The fabricated value-added materials are booked timely for shipment in specified quantities and are shipped via ocean freight to its end-users.